About Us

Providing services and inspiration for businesses to reach their full potential



A Vision to enable organizations to reach their full potential by transforming their current ecosystem instabilities into a symphony of efficiency

Symphony of Efficiency: “Metaphorically conveys a harmonious and synchronized operation that optimizes resources and processes for maximum productivity. It implies a well-coordinated, streamlined, and effective performance where different elements work together seamlessly, much like the instruments in a symphony orchestra creating a harmonious composition.”


GOLEANIT is offering world class enterprise-wide consulting services to help evolve, improve and transform small and medium size enterprises that are serious about achieving sustainable and scalable business results. GOLEANIT can guide your organization step by step through the Continuous Improvement Journey. Our approach is simple with a wide array of service offerings that will help improve your people developments, process flow and strategy deployment. GOLEANT has access to the best lean resources, to help your organization reach its short-, medium- and long-term business results. In addition, as part of GOLEANIT solutions we provide GOLEANIT Academy a state-of-the-art learning Management system with a complete self-paced Lean Six Sigma bundle for Lean Six Sigma White, Yellow, Green, Blue belts training, templates, exams and Globally accredited certification. GOLEANIT Academy is ideal for individuals or corporations seeking professional development. Did you know that a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification can boost your salary by up to 40%? Did you know that its 90% more effective than in-class training? GOLEANIT ACADEMY LMS can be customized for your organization needs, it has over 10000 Micro eLearning Courses in topics such as (business skills, software skills, Career planning, compliance, Financial literacy, Banking).

Gaby Sedra,

Founder and President